Liebster Award

by - Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Honestly, I never heard of this award before. And frankly speaking, I didn't really know how this award goes. Anyway, thanks to Sis Ajan for the nomination ^^

1. Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions asked.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with lots of potential.
4. Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer.
5. Notify your nominees.
My answers to Sis Ajan's questions:

1. Have you ever have a weird nickname? Tell us about it.
My classmates used to call me 'Kucing' (cat). I can't remember why though. My mom called me 'Musang' (fox) once because of the sun burn on my face. I have a lot of nicknames but the others didn't sound weird.

2. If you have a time machine, at which time would you go travel back?
I really want to return to my childhood. Hehe. And I want to travel back to the times that I have my regret so that I can fix things up.

3. Describe about your crush in 5 words.
I don't have a crush. (5 words! Haha)

4. Which part of your body is your favorite? Why?
Hmm, I really like my hair cause I think it's fabulous. Hihi.

5. What is the last thing you purchase online?
None. I never purchase anything online.

6. List 3 your current favorite song.
-She's gone // SteelHeart
-Nothing Like Us // Justin Bieber
-Fading Flower // Yuna

All of 'em are old songs -.- Well, I don't really listen to music now, that's why.

7. Got any phobia?
-Achluophobia (Fear of darkness) *I'm actually afraid of pure darkness. I mean, when you can't see anything at all.
-Acrophobia / Altophobia (Fear of heights)
-Aeroacrophobia (Fear of open high places)
-Astraphobia / Ceraunophobia (Fear of thunder and lightning)
-Pediophobia (Fear of dolls)
-Ranidaphobia (Fear of frogs)

8. Got any talent that nobody know? (It can be weird too like "I can ride a roller coaster without screaming or make any face expression")
I don't think I have any talent T.T But I'm really great at  imagining and fantasizing stuff. Hahaha.

9. When you start blogging and in what age?
Either when I'm in Form 2 (age 14) or Form 1 (age 13). *Note that I've deleted all my old posts. So don't bother checking when my first post as a blogger was published.

10. What is the farthest thing that your hand can touch?
My toes when I stretched my leg. HAHA.

11. How long that you take to finished up this entry?
It's not a lie ! I usually took a long time to post an entry even if it's a short one -.-



My questions.

1. Why do you blog?
2. If you have the opportunity to travel the world, which place will you choose? Why?
3. Are you closer to your mother or to your father? Why?
4. Describe your bestfriend. (You can mention his / her name. No words limit.)
5. What is your ideal type of man / woman?
6. Do you have anything that you regret in your life? Tell us about it.
7. Do you ever feel proud of yourself? Why?
8. What is the greatest achievement that you have achieved?
9. Describe the person you hate the most right now. And why do you hate him / her ? (It can be your ex or whatever. Don't mention his / her name.)
10. Do you ever feel so touched before? Why?
11. List 5 things that you love and hate.

So that's that. The questions I provided are based on what I curious about. You may answer the questions or not. It's up to you. It's not compulsory anyway. Just assume it as a fun purpose :)


p/s: I'm writing this post in English cause Liebster Award is actually a worldwide award. So everyone from around the world can read it. Sorry for my broken English (u.u)

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  1. I like the way u answering those questions ! haha xD

    Thanks for the tag and yeahh Gudluck Puteri(y)!!

  2. oh my banyak nya senarai fobia. haha. macam sama je. -.- goodluck.

  3. Woohoo your hair is soo fabulous XD Thanks for answering mine ^^

  4. Hah saya suka soalan kak puteri.. Hehe.. :D

  5. ahahaha XD I wish I had weird nickname since I love to be differ from other bwahaha (attention seekr? a bit.. :P )

    wow no crush XD hehe seriously????????????????????

    I'm curios.. XD

    anyway wow.. that hair though :D

    if i ride Roller Coaster or anything that people always scream.. I will scream too XD I find that can relax my stress :D and its all their fault to yell, scream or whatever near me XD I've been infect by it XD ahaha

    anyway.. wow.. seriously you take such a long time XD ahaha

  6. weeheee! creative and comel jawapan-ii tu ! and paling tak boleh blah part roller coaster =D

  7. 1st time juga tgok award ni...
    Wahhh....tang rambut tu, fabulous!!!
    Hehehe....congrats my dear (^^,)

  8. lol mak panggil nama gelaran musang? so cuteee XD
    kawan saya pernah kena sunburn then cikgu panggil dia chipmunk hahaha comel jee

  9. alahai.. comel je kalau bergaya dengan rambut mcm beyonce erkkk. hahaa.

  10. part rambut tu tak boleh bla. it's like I'm a divaaa.. hahaha.. :DD

  11. yeaahh~ saya pun ada astraphobia ngan pediophobia. saya suka katak. katak comel :3

  12. mesti rambut pun ala2 beyonce kn? hehee

  13. bestnyee.. teringin nak join.. sobss