Liebster Award #3

by - Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Tagged again! Hahaha. Thanks to Zafirah dan Bro Shah ^^

Aku nak jawab soalan terus. Seronok ah dapat soalan bebanyak ni. Hihi. Tapi rules yang lain, aku malas nak ikut. Hehehe.

Soalan Zafirah.

1. What is your comment about my blog?
Simple, cantik, ceria, kemas. Warna warni pulak tu. Hihi. Paling suka header Zafirah. Cantik sangat. I loikeee (y)

2. What's your favourite slogan?
Ahh, tak tau lah.

3. What do you do if you stay at home alone?
Surfing the internet and doing some house chores. 

4. Do you really love your blog? Because?
Love lah jugak. Kot. Hahaha takde sebab. I just love everything that's mine.

5. Do you like friends with a boy or girl?
GIRL lah ofcourse. Hehe.

6. If your friend hate you, what will you do?
Ignore. Well, s/he's no longer my friend if s/he hates me. Kan?

7. What do you do if you are bored?
-Surfing the internet
-Chatting with my friends :*
-Kacau kucing
-Walking around the house

8. What is your favorite way of wasting time?
Surfing the internet ! HAHA.

9. Are you the type of person with lots of friends or just a few close ones?
Hmm tak tau lah. Hehehe. Kawan ramai, tapi tak rapat pun. And adalah a few of close friends.

10. What was your first big disappointment?
My first big disappointment was when my friends dah tak kenal aku. Sedih weehh. Menyesal pindah sekolah T^T

11. Do you have phobias?
-Achluophobia (Fear of darkness) *I'm actually afraid of pure darkness. I mean, when you can't see anything at all.
-Acrophobia / Altophobia (Fear of heights)
-Aeroacrophobia (Fear of open high places)
-Astraphobia / Ceraunophobia (Fear of thunder and lightning)
-Pediophobia (Fear of dolls)
-Ranidaphobia (Fear of frogs)

Soalan Bro Shah.

1. What is the name of your first pet?
Memey. Macam nama retis kan? Haha.

2. Do you have a crush?

3. If someone say that he/she loves you, what would you say?
Tak cakap apapa kot. Terkedu. Hahaha.

4. What color shirt are you wearing right now?

5. Do you ever feel awkward? With whom?
Selalu sangat. With everybody ! HAHA.

6. Hobby?
Surfing the internet. Hahaha tak productive langsung hidup aku.

7. Who is you beside you now?
My mom and my cat ^^

8. Are we friends?
Ofcourse lah. Kita kan rakan blogger :)

9. What is your real name?
'Puteri' is my real name.

10. Favorite place for holiday?
Anywhere. Asalkan ada hotel selesa. Hoho. Menjawab soalan tak? Hahaha.

11. Do you really feel annoying with this question?
Tidak :D Hihi.

Okay, dah jawab. Fuhhh.


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  1. Hahaha menjawab! awesome. hihiks thank you :)

  2. samalah kitaaa.. takut gelap .. rasa nk mnjerit gila2 time gelap -.- cha cha..