Sem 2

by - Monday, November 24, 2014

This upcoming Friday, I'm gonna start again with my campus life in a new campus. That's right people, I'm transferring to UiTM Tapah for the next semester and on. Kinda excited cause my friends from high school were transferred to there too. Really can't wait to meet them!

My mother has been asking me to pack my stuffs since last week -.- Ironically, I've just unpacked all the clothes from the last semester on the day before my mom asks me to pack my stuffs. Anak dara pemalas, macam ni lah. Hoho. 

I was so eager and overly excited about the new campus especially the student's room. So I asked one of my senior about it. She said that there are rooms for 2 and rooms for 4. I really hope I'll get the room for 4 cause room for 2 will only makes everything awkward between me and my roommate. I probably gonna act dead every second when she's around cause ya know, I'm a stupidly shy girl with ugly face and lack of response. Chatting with me might make her dies of boredom. And to be very honest, I don't wanna be murderer at this young age.

For the next semester, I wont choose National Kesatria again >:( Last semester co-curricular activities are basically the most hated thing I've ever done. I've been marching throughout the whole year. No offense, but it's really... no fun. Haha. Luckily the coaches were very fatherlike and go soft on us. 

Some people keep complaining about the campus's surrounding. I don't really mind if the campus is surrounded by jungle, plants or whatever and there are no shopping malls and cinemas nearby; cause ya know what, I've encountered such 'hardship' before for approximately 5 years. Heh. (Berlagak sikit)

I've registered my courses for the next semester and have chosen the class. I've chose to be in the same group/class as last semester with my fellow last semester classmates. A bunch of people might think that it's kinda lame to only be with the same classmates and befriended the same people for the whole 5 semester of my diploma. But guess what? I don't even care. Hahaha. I think it's okay to have less friends than no friends at all. 

Biarlah kawan tak berkembang pun cause in the end, they'll left anyway.


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  1. goodluck puteri utk sem 2 ni XD Btul tu biarlah kawan takberibu mcm perumpamaan tu, sbb dlm beribu tu hanya beberapa je yg boleh diaggp kawan ^^
    Psst, normal lah tu Our mom plak sibuk bila lah nak packing bdk ni, esok lusa dh nak smbung bljr.. haha Kita buat tktahu je kan. ?


  2. belajar elok-elok ye puteri :) betul tu, kawan ramai pun tak guna kalau akhirnya semua tinggalkan kita nanti.

  3. Owh my, bestnya dapat suasana baru :3

    anyway Kesatria was fun XDD
    why not Kesatria? so you gonna choose sport? :D if its sport it would be better XDD
    hidup volleyball!! hidup basketball!! ahahaha..

    yups so true that quote TT^TT

  4. wow. i am ur senior then.. welcome to Tapah my dear (:

    utk roommate tu boleh je cari geng sendiri kalo nak ber4 , tapi kena daftar sama-samalah....

    saya pun tak pack barang lagi. malam ni or besok kot. heheh

  5. Goodluck for 2nd sem! Kita dah last sem hihi

  6. Rindu pulak zaman study , good luck by the way .

  7. goodluck yea puteri ! don't worry, nanti unconsciously , tau2 je puteri dah rapat dengan roommate. hehee