Breaking Stereotype

by - Friday, January 13, 2017

Stereotyping annoys me much. I know some of them might be true and some are not. But that's not my point. It's painfully hard for me to see people constraint or force themselves to do something just to fit in the community or to please others. 

"Hey, you can't do that. It's weird." "You should act like how the other girls do." "This is only for boys."

Shut up. Just shut up. I do whatever I want to do. You do whatever you want to do. As long as it ain't against our religion or illegal by law, we'll be fine.

In today's post, I'm going to list down 5 gender stereotypes that I found and what are my thoughts on it.


All human beings have feeling. So what makes they think that men never feel sad? I know how painful it is to hide our tears. And I know how relieve it feels like after we cry our heart out. So, just let the man cries and feels better. Men tears ain't toxic.

Might be true to other women but not for me. I know a lot of girls (In other words, friends) that would agree with me on this too. I don't like makeup that much let alone be obsessed with it. Probably because I don't know how to wear it. Compact powder is more that enough for me. However, I do envy girls that wear makeup. I can't even draw on a piece of paper and those girls draw on their face like it's nothing. Girl, why are you so talented?

This is just utter BS. In my household, my father does most of the house chores (during his off days. On weekdays, I'd have to do all of it). From mowing the lawn to cleaning the dishes. No one ever asked him to. My father is just extremely hardworking. He really treats my mom like a Queen. Hahahaa. Anyway, isn't it actually the husband's job to do all the chores and not the wife? 

Wow, what a burden to all men. I really don't care if my-future-man earns lower than me. As long as he still can support our family, then I'm good. This stereotype also implies that women can't have a higher job position than men ('cos the higher the position, the higher the salary).

"Only men can be the boss." "Girls don't know how to handle a company. It's a man job."

You see, this stereotype is not about skills or abilities anymore; It's about people's egos.

Not hundred percent true. My mom often told me that I need to be independent even when I'm married 'cos we'll never know what's going to happen in the future. My mother has her own house and car. She says it's her backup for when things turn bad; God forbid. She shops using her own money except for the expensive things, goes to work by herself etc. Prove that not all girls can't live without a man.

I always see girls asking their boyfriend to buy them stuffs. Annoying asf. I hate gold-diggers. You want something, you work for it. I don't get it how they do not feel embarrassed one bit. I feel so ashamed if anyone treats me something. 

Anyway, there's one thing I learnt and I think it's important to spread it out to others: 

It is OKAY to break stereotypes. It is OKAY to be different. You don't have to force yourself to fit in. People like you will find you. So sit back, relax and let fate does it's job.

p/s: I've decided to update thrice a week. Is it too much?

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  1. Sayang dan hargai diri sendiri :) Tak kisah pun kalau kita berbeza daripada orang lain. Perbezaan itu yang buat menarik jugak kan :)

    p/s: siqah follow sini puteri :)

  2. Setuju... Hahaha, lagi satu jenis stereotypes, PINK IS FOR GIRLS...

  3. I hates such stereotypes too, I sometimes think that such act actually is disrespectful.


    Sometimes, its hard to break the stereotype because people don't even feels like breaking it. In our society, there's topics we called taboo that can't be touch at all. The idea doesn't even being considered. Doesn't mean we can't. It's all about willingness.

    And yeah, it's okay to be different and make used of that 'differences' as a strength instead XD

  5. hi puteri,
    hehe betul, woman should stand on our own two feet :)

  6. Men did cry XD Crying doesn't mean you are a loser :) but girls are the one that Allah create for having so many emotion, so crying is one of the things which guys did not always do, but when they cry, you know it :'(

    True... XD but I do buy some make up.. but I love if it just my bare face XD tak melekit :P

    =_= please remove this stereotype Malaysian... some boys should learn to be independent :) they expect girls do everything.. :P (its not like I'm perfect doing house chores, but at least I did) XD

    I want to own my money... :P

    and I would love to depend and rely on guy.. but looks... in Malaysia.. there is no such things.. only 20%? (my asssumption) so that's the reason why sometime I go independent... do all things alone... :P

  7. TRUEEEEE!!! (tetibe)

  8. Points agreed, me myself really hate stereotypes too; I think they are stupid.