January 2017

by - Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Today's post will be a little recap of what I did/events that happened in January. I would probably make it as a monthly segment in my blog.

Week 1

My family and I spent our New Year Eve in Putrajaya and we got back to Ipoh on the next day. Nothing much happened during the first week. 2017 is just another year for me. New year, but the same old me. I love reading other people's bucket list/wishlist/new year's resolution. Probably because I have none. Lol. I really don't understand how people can even come up with a long ass list of things they wanna do throughout the year, every single year. I can't even think of what I want to do tomorrow! I used to make a wishlist myself, but trying to achieve my wishes ain't easy as it seems; And at the end of the year, I would have probably forgotten 'bout it or ended up feeling disheartened for not being able to fulfill it.

Week 2

Finally took my weight-loss journey seriously #roadtokurus Although, I might have been slacking off quite a lot. My bestfriend's birthday was on this week and I totally forgot 'bout it. To be very honest, I actually don't know when her birthday is hahaha 

She texted me the next day saying that she felt sad 'cos nobody wished her. Literally, no one. Hahahahaa poor thing. 

She totally deserved an essay-long birthday wish :')

Week 3

I went to Design Village with my parents. Design Village or also known as Penang Premium Outlet by some people has just officially opened late last year. As a shopaholic, my mother *cough cough* and I *cough cough* were kind of thrilled for this due to the fact that we don't have to travel incredibly far to shop for high-end things anymore. It's not like we buy branded things a lot but who doesn't love those expensive luxury out-of-my-league stuffs? Hehe. Besides, my family used to visit Penang during school holiday a lot, like really A LOT, when I was younger. It's good to finally have a new place/reason to visit Penang again, although it isn't actually located on the island.

It's not so hard to get there with the help of Waze. What bothers me is that there wasn't so much visitors at the outlet. It's the weekend and it's a brand new mall, so not having much traffic was weird.

Everything makes sense once I've stepped into the outlet.

It's waaaaay below my expectation. Most of the shops can be easily found in a normal mall like Aeon etc. I was actually expecting it to be pretty similar like the one in Johor (Johor Premium Outlet). But it's not. Anyway, we ended up buying some chocolates and cookies form Beryl's.

 You can check what brands do they have over there here.

Week 4

My mom took two days off and we went shopping together. We also went all the way to Seri Iskandar which took approximately 45 minutes from our house just because we wanted to visit the cat cafe. So many cute furry babies! It's so worth it! 

The next day, we went to Tapah to get my mini transcript and brownies that I ordered from a student. It's my third time buying with her. My whole family love her brownies. It's addicting. You can search her up on Instagram @chewnies

I also have started a new hobby (which I have been wanting to do for a long time); I've officially started collecting notebooks! Yeah, I know. There's no benefit that I can get out of it but notebooks make me feel so happy. The look, the feel and the smell of it...ah so satisfying <3

My parents and I went to Malacca during Chinese New Year and we picked up my brother and lil sister from their college along the way to go for a short vacation together. The only reason we went to Malacca was to go to Melaka Premium Outlet. We were so disappointed with the one in Penang hence we went to MPO to make it up.

Guess what?

MPO is yet another disappointment for us HAHA 


Disappointment aside, there's actually so many things that I am grateful for. 

I am grateful for the cold and calming rainy days; my mom supports my new hobby (she actually paid for all of the notebooks that I got); finally got to visit a cat cafe and many more.

Let's hope for a better day, month, year ahead. Personally, I hope this kind of weather will last long hihi

That's the end of my January. How's yours?

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  1. Datang Seri Iskandar tak jerit nama kite, kalau tak mesti kita sahut. Bhahahahahahah... Waa comel comel erk notebooks dia, so it can be considered as a unique hobby hehe ;)

  2. More than nakjadi kurus, I want to be fit.....and strong tapi tahkemana lol XD

  3. sy dari tahun lepas lagi dlm proses nak turunkn berat badan tapi t-a-k berjaya hahaha dulu sy pun selalu kumpul notebook,oleh sbb dh byk sgt so sy bagi kat adk2 je hahaha

  4. Your mom is so supportive. The new mall in penang sound like a normal mall. I wanna go there if i visit penang well i may consider to ditch that for now.


  5. I love collecting notebooks too! All of them were bought from daiso. hahaha

  6. eh I kenal lah aisya.. sbb I pernah satu aras dgn dia and I kawan dgn hajar & bazilah :)

    i belum ambik trnskrip lg hiks ;)

  7. kita ada minat yg sama.. suka kumpul notebooks :)

  8. suka jugak kumpul notebook. bila dah ada sayang pulak nak guna. kemudian tersimpan la jadi harta karun :D