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by - Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Faiz Subri won the Puskas Award yesterday (or two days back?). He made us, Malaysians proud. I'm so happy for him that I almost shed tears of joy :')

I don't understand why all people care about is his English proficiency. How hard is it to understand that he was nervous on getting that award, to be on stage in front of all those foreigners? If it were me, I would probably forget all of the English words that I've learnt for 14 years.

I watched his speech just now. And I suffered from second-hand embarrassment for a second there. Hahahaa. I wasn't ashamed of his English proficiency; I was embarrassed because I suddenly remember this one embarrassing moment of mine.


This incident happened in Ipoh, my hometown. I don't know if you guys already know this, but Ipoh has quite a lot of places with old historical buildings. My friend and I were having a late lunch at a restaurant called Missing Marbles. The restaurant itself was in an old building. You can Google 'bout it yourself (It is permanently closed tho). After we're done with our lunch, we went to the toilet located not far from the restaurant (we actually went for a walk but she found the toilet and she needed to go). I waited for my friend outside, all alone. The surrounding looks like it was an old factory or library. Gosh, I really don't know what the building actually was. Yeah, I'm ignorant, I know.

While waiting, there's a foreign couple just looking around and taking pictures of the walls. I saw them and I quickly, really quickly turned my head and looked the other way. I even thought of hiding in the toilet but I was holding Ice Milo (I don't wanna bring it along into the toilet. Tak baik). I was so scared that they'd talked to me 'cos you know, my English sucks.

I was like, "oh please don't come here. please don't approach me. please don't talk to me." I was hoping for my friend to get out of the toilet right away so I can get the hell out of that nerve-wracking situation. 

BUT.SHE.DIDN'T. Ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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A sudden friendly "Hello" hit my eardrum. 

"Damn it."

The foreign women approached me and we had a little chit chat. She said that it's their first time coming to Ipoh. Much to everyone surprise, I answered "I live here but it's my first time coming here." I was surprised that I spoke so smoothly and they seems surprised that a grown up girl who's been living in Ipoh all her life never visited that place.

Thank God my friend came out immediately after.

My friend and I told the women that we're in college (because she asked). Then, she asked what course did we take.



"ei-kaun, ei-kaun"

"Oh, communication?"

"Nooo. ei-kaun, ei-kaun"

We told her "ei-kaun" for like a solid 5 minutes and it was a damn awkward situation for both parties. She later pretended that she understands what we were saying. It's pretty obvious that she's pretending. Hahahahahaa. Couple of minutes later, we all went our separate way.

That's when I learnt that the right pronunciation for the word "account" is actually "uh-count". Aduhai. Smh. I should have answered her with "Accountancy" instead of "ei-kaun" but I didn't. 


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  1. haha such a funny experience you had there!

  2. hahaha lol kalau tak pegang ice milo masa tu mmg dah lama berlari masuk dalam tandas kan hihi

  3. omg that was hilarious puteri! glad you share the story :)

  4. haha, mmg susah kalau nak komunikasi dgn foreigner, bila kita salah sebut kdg tak sampai maksud but ia satu pengalaman belajar kan.

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  6. hahahaha. we don't know what we capable of until we try. .tak pe lepas ni jumpa mat saleh ajak sembang tepi. hehehe

  7. menarik jugak pengalaman nie walaupun lawak kan. pengalaman mengajar kita, cewahhh :D

  8. i thought ur gonna say something about rosenicotine too hahaha. Okay budak eikaun rupanya :P

  9. I feel you dear,

    Whenever I see foreign tourist esp white, I will try not to catch their eyes and pray thet they will not talk to me.

    Feel so inferior of my english communication