What is this BS?

by - Monday, January 09, 2017

I was scrolling through my Reading List and I found this one odd post posted by a guy named Gregory. It weirded me out 'cos I know for sure I never follow any blogger aside from Malaysians blogger #notracist

I clicked the link to his blog to see whether it was a blog by someone I know or probably a celeb that I'm a fan of but it turns out that he's just a random stranger. I mean, just look at his blog. There's really nothing much on it.

I wouldn't mind about it sticking around in my Reading List that much if his posts are actually quite entertaining but all of his blog posts are basically a picture with a hashtag(s).

So, I decided to unfollow him since his posts are not really my kind of taste. But then, this happened.

Ok, normally, to unfollow a blog, you simply have to click that little trash can on the far right of the row of that particular blog right?

I searched BOTH his blog url and his blog title so I can click the hell out of that little trash can.......

but it was never found!

How bloody annoying is that?!

What kind of BS is this? Is it some kind of a bot or it's actually a real person that is so desperate for followers? Seeing his posts wandering around my Reading List without any shame annoys me. Ughhh

To be very honest, I don't know why this thing bothers me THAT much. LOL.

See ya.

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  1. Peliknya tak jumpa untuk delete :O

  2. ghostwriter, beware.

    lol, joking :') u probably need to try it on some other time.

  3. Actually saya dah kena banyak kali, ada dua tiga blog yg jadi macam tu. Blog yg saya letak dekat favorite pun bila tekan link nak baca, dia jadi blog insurans.. Nak delete sampai sekarang tak boleh.. If you finds out out how to do it, do drop by and let me know please hahaha semak je tengok dekat Reading List, btw have a nice day, sincerely your new follower 😊