Life Update: I Got Accepted!

by - Sunday, February 12, 2017

Here's an update on my life - I got accepted into the penerapan program for my degree!

Man, I can't even describe my feeling when I first saw the result. Thankful, excited, delighted - you name it. I felt it all.

After 21 years of my life, I finally got the chance to get out of Perak. 

I did a little research on UiTM Puncak Alam (Palam) and here are the list of things that I am worried about:

1) The distance from the college to the faculty

I know the distance is kinda far from each other. I can't be so sure but it looks like it definitely is judging by the pictures that I found on the internet. One bad habit that I built when I was in UiTM Tapah is - taking my time to get to class. When I was a student in UiTM Tapah, I can walk out of my room at 7.55 a.m and would still be able to reach my 8 a.m class just in time. Since Palam is in the opposite side, I'm a little scared that I would always be tardy to class.

2) There's too many students

Too many students equals long queue. I hate waiting and waiting in line is included. Hahaha what a brat! But what I'm more terrified of is that the cafe would be out of food /cries hysterically/ 

Plus, thinking that the bus would always be packed with kids (and by kids, I mean students) ain't helping either.

3) I don't know my way around

I never live outside of Perak and I don't have any friend that is from Puncak Alam as well. So, it's going to be hard for us to get to anywhere (which isn't that worrying 'cos I'm not the type of person who likes to go out and have fun). But I do worry on how I will get my ass to the KTM Station to get home.

4) The deadly stairs

Oh boy, who doesn't know the famous stairs of Palam? (If you don't, Google it) I'm outta shape and that means I'm low in stamina - very low. Gosh, it's gonna be one hell of a journey to get to class. Oh, and the sweats... Man, the sweats would make me hate myself even more. 

That's it. I don't wanna worry way too much. I'm really looking forward to start my degree life. I really do.

That's said, I have several plans for my future degree life:

1. Get the same room as my friend
2. Get into shape
3. Study smart

Let's hope that I am able to work the plans out so I won't be disappointed lol

I'm hoping for a great degree life. I'm gonna have fun and make new bizarre experiences with my friends and also do well academically. 

Please everyone, wish me luck.

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  1. Congratulations! Don't think too much, you're going to nail it. :)

  2. congrats!

    and palam stairs are surely going to make you stay in shape xD

  3. wah congratssssss and good luck babe! ^^

  4. congratzzz!
    welcome to puncak alam, saya pun palamians juga. anything nak tau pasal palam boleh tanya saya, ewaahh xD

  5. congratulation! hahahaha I can totally you, when i was in foundation I always can get on time (5-10 minutes late at time lol) but here on main campus T_T I need to start walking to class 30 minutes .... early.

    Anyway, congratz again! Living outside your comfort zone, you would totally grown up a lot hahahahaha

  6. Congrats Puteri!! Best kalau dapat studi berjauhan dari keluarga. Belajar hidup berdikari dan ada perasaan tak sabar nak balik kampung. Hehe. Good luck!

  7. hehee jangan risau sgt, nak berjaya kenelah bersusah-susah sedikit byk kan. good luck awak! awak boleh! nanti kesusahan ni lah yg awak akan kenang and rindui~~ ^^

    vtw, jemput bace and komen my new netry. thanks <3

  8. Congrats! I never been out of Perak until I started working haha.

    Anyway, everything you worry about, you'll get used to it, so just register with a happy heart!

  9. wow, good luck!
    trust me, its going to be awesome degree year for you
    have fun there!

    xx atheera / xx

  10. congrats!
    im happy for ya!!
    try to think it is a new adventure. have fun :3

  11. Hi dear,

    Congratulations! Happy for u. Tak apa semua cabaran tu kecil je nak dibandingkan dengan segulung ijazah nak kejar tu, cewahh. Semoga kuat okay, all the best.

  12. im late but congrats! i hope you'll be fine and u can go through whatever is coming ahead of u x best of luck!!