My Blogging Tale

by - Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Here's a little story on how I started blogging and the reasons behind it.

It all started when I saw a friend of mine shared her blog link on one of her Facebook status. Then, from her blog, I found out about another blog owned by another friend. Honestly, at that time, I think that they're so cool for being a blogger. As a young teenage girl who obsessed over being the cool kid at school, I decided to make one for my own self.

Lemme tell ya something, I don't have a main reason or purpose on why I blog in fact I have quite several of 'em. Since the beginning of my blogging journey until now, here are my reasons:

First reason: I thought being a blogger is so damn cool. Remember back in the days when we all think that the more social media accounts you have, the cooler you would be? Yeah, I'm one of those people.

Second reason: After publishing my very first post, I suddenly felt the fun and pride of having a so-called article on the internet that was written by myself. That's when I started to blog just for the fun of it. I still remember what my second post was about - the characteristics of a great blog. HAHAHA.

Third reason: After quite some time, my followers kept on increasing. 10, 20, 30..... The number was small but I was still super happy about that mainly because I realized, I have a group of people who are willing to read all the craps that I wrote. My purpose changed yet again. From blogging 'for fun' to 'getting followers'.

Fourth reason: Then I met some amazing bloggers. They were so nice and funny. Meeting them made me feel like: "Alright, I don't need followers anymore, having them is enough." I stopped craving for followers and just blog to share my thoughts. Like they did.

Fifth reason: After I got into college, I was no longer active in the blogging world due to time restriction and lack of ideas. I once left my blog unattended for a year. One-freaking-year guys. Now that I have finished my diploma, I begin blogging again just for the sake of filling my way-too-ample time.

Current reason: This past weeks, I got inspired by several fellow bloggers and finally decided to take my blog seriously. I have passion in blogging now. Although I'm quite sure it won't lasts very long but I'm gonna try okay.

There we go fellas. You can clearly see how unmotivated and indecisive of a person I am. A couple of bloggers that I followed had moved to a self hosted website. Good for them tho. I never ever in my life as a blogger have thoughts on moving to Wordpress. Mainly because it involves me spending my money on a nonphysical thing in which I'm sure as hell my parents wouldn't approved it. Also, I'm quite certain that my passion in blogging would not lasts long enough considering that I will be a student again in a couple of weeks from now. Besides, I'm not a great writer, far from being creative and lack of motivation - which I believe, does not fit the characteristics of a good blogger.

Believe it or not, I don't really want anyone that knows me personally to know about my blog. Solely because I am embarrassed - not because of the blog but because of my shitty writing.

Anyway, that's my tale. What's yours? :)

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  1. I've posted mine in this post!!

    Anyway, I'm Amer. Done following you :)

  2. It's nice to know your tale! It's really fun to meet bloggers, especially when you are following their blogs for so long. I find it fulfilling! Enjoy your blogging journey! :)

  3. I can relate much in your blogging tale :) Masa berubah, zaman berubah dan reason kita blogging pun berubah kan.

    Siqah suka blogging sekarang sebab kenal lebih ramai blogger friends, boleh berkongsi pendapat dan support each other.

    Keep blogging Puteri :) I am one of your readers.

    A nice blog post. Maybe I can post the same story on my blog. is it okay dear? :)

  4. hahaha I have similar stories like you as well. I decided to make a new blog just to fill my ample time after finishing my degree. Now, I'm trying to keep the motivation and so-called "passion" in blogging. Idk until when I will survive haha but I hope you would be an amazing blogger one day. Nice blogging tales! :)

  5. @Siqah: it's totally okay! :) I would love to know your blogging tale :)

  6. I can totally relate with all your reasons, in that sequences!

    I never think of going self-hosted too, mainly because of spending money on the blog which I didn't earn from. but nobody knows what I'll do in the future. Nobody, including me myself.

    Please don't leave your blog again, or at least not until I leave mine first! haha. Coz I love your writing, they're not shitty at all!

  7. salam, hi puteri, how are u? ^^

    i started blogging after PMR, yes 7 years ago. hahaa. how i enter dis blogging world, same like u, i hv a friend dat have a blog and then i tried stalk other blog till i found dis one blog which is sooooo beautiful. and yes i fall in love with her blog then of course i also wanna try to own a super cute blog. alhamdulillah, now i hv a cute blog, yeyy! hehee.

    btw, lets visit my new entry. thanks boo :)

  8. ahahaha hye...waaaa thats why you start invlove in this blogging world.
    Okay,btw last time you asked me about my viral entry that make me became viral and got interview by the BHSkor newspaper right???here the link ;)

    btw your new design cute and cool.As sweet as the owner :P

  9. I love writing that's why I blog xD

    and going self-hosted doesn't change an ounce of my passion for blogging. it just hurt my wallet lol.

  10. Is it weird that we kinda have the same tale? Reading this made me reflect on my blogging journey and yeah, the same up till restriction due to studying. But I never actually met any blogger. I know some that has inspire me to be better at blogging and simply be me. I just found your blog. Hi!