Tips: Muet Speaking Test

by - Saturday, February 04, 2017

I took Muet last year when I was in my last semester of diploma. Frankly speaking, my result wasn't that great to be giving other people tips. Buy hey, sharing my two cents won't hurt right?

I was damn nervous and confident-less to take the test but somehow, things turned out pretty great for me. No, actually, it turned out incredibly well that I can't stop being thankful and grateful for it. That's said, I think it's okay for me to share some tips based on my experience for those who are about to take their speaking test anytime soon.

1. Register with your friends

I selected the same test centre as my roommates / classmates - for several reasons. First, it would be easier and safer for me to go to the test venue with my friends instead of going alone since I had to drive there all by myself 'cos I'm a big independent girl that can handle things without the help from my beloved parents. Second, if you register at the same time (for the same test centre) with your friends, there's a very high possibility that you would be in the same group as your friends. So, what's the benefits of being in the same group as your friend? I'll explain it later.

2. Practice

Practice makes perfect they said. You can either practice alone or with your friends. I highly recommend that you do it with your friends tho. Choose 3 other friends to practice with (since during the actual test, you'll be grouped into 4) and pretend that you guys are actually taking the test for real. Pick a sample / past question from the Muet exercise book or you can simply make up your own question based on the current issues that are happening right now. You know what to do next right? If you are lucky enough, the question of the real test might be similar to the one you've practiced. Although I must say, the chance is pretty slim. So don't get your hopes up.

3. Talk with your teammates

While waiting for your group's turn to take the test or while waiting for others to register, get to know your teammates. Yeah, they are your teammates now 'cos you are going to a battle (lol) with them. Get to know them yada yada yada, you know the drill. 

Okay, here are the benefits of being in the same group as your friend. Number 1, you already know them personally. Two, it helps you lessen your nervousness. Three, it's easier to make an 'agreement'. 

Here's a tip to get extra marks for the speaking test: you need to be the one who starts and / or concludes the group discussions (some people don't even know 'bout this, so grab the chance as soon as you can!).

Some people usually fight to be the one. But since you are with your friends, it would be a whole lot easier to reach for an 'agreement'. I was the one. It pretty much makes me feel a little secure #justsaying. You can also be the one who starts the discussion and let your friend be the one to conclude. It's not necessary to be both. Come on, don't get greedy over there. Also, don't forget to warn your teammates about my tips during the test below. Hahahahaaa 

4. Memorize sentences

This is optional. Memorize some bombastic and proper sentences to start and end your speech. It's the least you could do to get those marks. Google it, there are tons of it. Want that tiny bit extra marks? Then, don't be cliche.

1. Think fast

FYI: I was the first speaker and the time given for me to brainstorm my elaboration points seems so short. Probably because I was too nervous; I can't think of anything. 

You need atleast 3 points to elaborate but don't you worry child; If you can't get those 3 points, 2 solid best relevant makes sense boom points would be enough. 

2. Be timely

Do not end your speech waaaaaayy before the time ended or beyond the given time. DO NOT. Request the examiner to remind you when the time is almost up. Do not stay silence for a long time and if it's too short, just say anything that makes sense. ANYTHING. 

3. Body language

I heard this will help you get some marks too. Not sure tho. 

If it's your teammate's turn to speak, look him / her dead in the eyes, nod several times, sit straight, jot down his / her points (crucial!) and even if you don't listen to anything (s)he said, atleast please pretend like you do.

4. Point your teammates out

Point your teammates out so everybody would get a chance to speak up.

For example, 

A starts the group discussion. Then asks B for her opinion.

B would give her opinion (agree or not) then ask C for her opinion.

C would give her opinion then ask D.

And it goes on and on and on and on till the time is up. In other words, each time one of you have done talking, ask another person a relevant question so there won't be any silence moment.

Incase you want to meddle in at some point, raise your hand slightly, say "I'm sorry to cut you / Can I give my opinion blah blah blah". Google the proper sentences and you'll find it. Point out anyone you want. Ask anything you want. 


I think that's it y'all. Remember to always relax and chill. Follow my tips and you'll be fine lol

Anyway, goodluck to you :)

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  1. Nice tips~! Masa muet dulu jadi candidate D, kebanyakan candidate D topik Media Massa, hehe :P

  2. Great tips :)
    I took MUET too last year. In my opinion, speaking test is not that difficult. It's basically just having confidence in yourself. For me, I hate it because there's time allocated for us to speak. And to know that we're being assessed is rather suffocating.

    btw, followed your blog already. Feel free to visit mine and drop a few lines of your opinion? hehe :')

  3. good tips ! I time ambil speaking test kemain confident tapi bila dapat result pfft -,- tapi bersyukur

  4. Good tips Puteei :) siqah lupa dah camne ambil MUET dulu. Hehe

  5. To register with friends would be much advantage though as you could practice together so it would be less nervous.I remembered when I went to muet exam, I was in a group with an indian who was well speaking english so I think I did badly haha.
    Nice tips btw !

  6. Those who went for matriculation actually have classes for MUET. It was easier since they held MUET there as well. I totally agree with memorizing some sentences because I got nervous easily and having some sentences memorize would calm my nerve. MUET really had me stepping up my English game.

    1. Oh really? I have MUET classes during my diploma in UiTM too! But I took MUET like a year after I learned those things so yeah, not helping. Haha

  7. thank you for your tips ggod tips :). i am so nervous for tomorrow speaking test. i hope i will do well haha

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