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by - Friday, May 05, 2017

Ssup guys? I'm back.

It's mid-semester break right now and I have tons of tests plus quizzes coming up when the school starts again. But I'm here still chillin' and worry-less because "hidup kena chill" right? Ha ha (I'm not really laughing right now)

Degree life has been great - so far. Although there might be some bitter experiences - which I'm going to share with you guys later on in this post. Honestly, I never expected that degree life would be sort of boring. I was told that degree students are usually busy 24/7 but hm, I beg to differ. I do get a lot of assignments every single frikin' day and I do have a lot of chapters to revise, but nah, I still choose chillin' with my housemates playing Uno cards over doing the damn assignments. Heh.

Lol, who am I kidding - I've been stressing like a maniac over them and it's never gonna stop! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Anyway, I've been thinking about myself for quite sometime. I've come to realize that I've been so negative lately. I hated everything and everyone. Everything seems so wrong eventhough they weren't.

My theory of cause: It's probably because I've been coping and accepting everyone's bullshits all this while and I finally blew up.

Yeah, I can't seems to handling people's annoying ass quite well recently. I'm getting bolder and more straight-forward than ever. I might not say it to their face but man, you should see my tweets about them. It's nasty. (I've deleted 'em tho)

I've realize that I hate humans even more now. What even is humanity and respect, right?

Now let's get into my bitter experiences:


I have a bunch of group assignments that needed to be done and submitted before finals and after mid semester break. Gosh, God knows how much I hated group projects. There're times when a couple of my group members didn't even discuss with the others and made crucial decisions all by themselves. Um hello??? It's called GROUP assignment not INDIVIDUAL or PARTNER assignment. Why are you like that????

Making "group" decisions by yourself is bad enough, but not even bothering to inform us is like a whole new level of stupidity and selfishness.

There're also times where I have to do most of the tasks because everyone is useless and don't know how to manage their time well enough.


Annoying roommate (and classmate) is like the shittiest thing that you have to face for a whole semester. To add more salt to the pain, I can't even confront her (them) because I know for sure she (them) would never change. It's gonna be a waste of my precious time. The only result that I would get out of the confrontation is a good relationship turns awkward.


I was late for my presentation once and I still can't get over it. The slides for the presentation are with me so logically, I should be the very first to arrive and set everything up. But what happened was the other way around. And what's more, the presentation did not go so well. RIP presentation marks.


There're more to tell but I think that's enough of negativity for now. These stories are only the sneak peek of my terrible semester. Please expect more negativity from me. Hahaha.

Random confession: I didn't have the gut to scold people for what they did wrong because I'm afraid of the after-effect but having the platform (blogging) to actually tell random kind strangers what I feel and been through is honestly quite relieving.

I haven't had the chance to blogwalk and read + comment on others' post 'cos I'm busy having the time of my life right now. I promise I will do so when I get the chance.

Stay tune guys.

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  1. samalah kita :') saya pun selalu biarkan aje kalau orang lain tak bagi kerjasama or buat salah tapi dalam hati dah lama ah maki2 hahaha cisss

    you can do this! stay positive :)

  2. I have been feeling this shitty emotion too well up until a week ago because of tremendous and non stop submissions, training and stuff! (yep, I also did woke up late to the presentation's day when all the slides and hand out is with me too! - but luckily, the class was cancelled. phewwww)

    And yep, blogging help a lot! Because I feel much better after spilling everything on my previous post lol! So write, it's your blog anyway ._.

  3. Good luck! because you sound like you had a shitty month lol. Confronting others is always hard 'cause there's a risk of ruining the existence relationship so why not try writing them a letter? hahahah

  4. When I got too angry I tweeted too but immediately regretted what I did so I deleted them right afterwards. Haha.
    Well I can relate on hating group projects. It's like a nightmare to me as I always was the one who put effort in making the group works somehow and I hated it. Forever.
    I don't know how to scold friends too, afraid to turn the good relationship to awkward too, just like you. RIP my own feelings.

  5. paling tak suka groupwork. and i hate sleeping partner zzZZZ. stay positive okay ;)

  6. Life has been hard sometimes but it will get better somehow :)

  7. gudluck dear.. grouping partner yang krik krik be likeee O.o

  8. Sabar dan teruskan usaha... In shaa Allah ada rezeki mendatang... Allah pandang usaha kita walaupun kecik... Pasal orang lain tu... Biarkan dia... Kita buat keje kita...

    Jemput jalan ke blog saya...


  9. ive always hated groupworks! and ever since i moved school i realised how annoying being in a boarding school could be.. loud and annoying dormmates...ugh.. but anyway good luck in whatever is coming!

  10. I can relate on 1 and 2. I always hated group assignment. Especially when the lecturer already assigned you with the people you've never know they're exist before. Communication is the key. But it's the hardest thing to do.